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24 is an American action drama television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran for Fox. The series stars Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Each season, comprising 24 episodes, covers 24 hours in Bauer's life using the real time method of narration. Premiering on November 6, 2001, the show spanned 192 episodes over eight seasons; the series finale broadcast on May 24, 2010. In addition, a television film, 24: Redemption, was broadcast between seasons six and seven, on November 23, 2008. 24 returned with a ninth season titled 24: Live Another Day, which aired from May 5 to July 14, 2014. 24: Legacy, a spin-off series featuring new characters, premiered on February 5, 2017. After the cancellation of Legacy in June 2017, Fox announced its plan to develop a new incarnation of the franchise. 24 is a joint production by Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television and syndicated by 20th Television.

The series begins with Bauer working for the Los Angeles–based Counter Terrorist Unit, in which he is a highly proficient agent with an "ends justify the means" approach, regardless of the perceived morality of some of his actions. Throughout the series most of the main plot elements unfold like a political thriller. A typical plot has Bauer racing against the clock as he attempts to thwart multiple terrorist plots, including presidential assassination attempts, weapons of mass destruction detonations, bioterrorism, cyber attacks, as well as conspiracies that deal with government and corporate corruption.

24 won numerous awards over its eight seasons, including Best Drama Series at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards and Outstanding Drama Series at the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards. At the conclusion of its eighth season, 24 became the longest-running U.S. espionage or counterterrorism-themed television drama, surpassing both Mission: Impossible and The Avengers.

An angry member of the audience shares some thoughts about 24: ¨Hey, we torture and then we torture again! I have tried to watch this grossly overrated series time after time, but I have always stopped in rage. Torturing is too easy problem to everything, from saving your family (and yes, I would fight for my family) to find out who was the killer in the movie you missed. Characters, plot, visual style - ugly and dish-water dull clichés I hate. Keifer Sutherland is an expert to play the scum with a "moral" of the school-bully - Flatlineeeers! - and this no exception. Greater good comes from the destroying the few... Yai! Natzi logic in the "slick" format. How this trash can have so high IMDb rating! Horrible.¨

One unhappy employee of 24 Hours company wrote this in a review, "Worse place to work. You are not supported and there's always an open door policy up to the President of the company. I wouldn't encourage anyone to work there."


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Fitness Manager/Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"24 Hour fitness loves to have their trainers work OFF the clock meaning work for free when looking for new clients on the floor or presenting a training package to a walk in or new member. They also don’t let you clock in or get paid while racking weights. You are bullied if you don’t reach your sales goal for that month and really pressured to sale training. They care more about the sale than the actual client. Most of the staff sleeps around with other team members or members of the gym. Overall just not a good place to work. Especially if you have a family. Cons: It’s mainly a sales job, even if your a personal trainer. You better sale sale sale or you will be hounded if you don’t."

Kids Club Attendant/Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked for the 24 at pelham manor ny management is terrible. Favoritism to certain employees they definitely don’t not care about the hard workers they have that’s why so many people quit"

Lead Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not the best job in the world. Just sitting around and folding towels all day. Thats literally all you do. At least you get a free membership. It is minimum wage."

Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Had a horrible experience with this place of work. The managers were never there, never helped, and only wanted to make money. They do not care about you as an individual. Toward the end of the month, they would make deals to make sure they would hit budget no matter what it took. They were never in the building when needed. And if you went to ask a question or look for help it would be "oh you only come in here to get something from me." Cons: Everything"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a manager here and I got such a horrible lack of support. The upper management did nothing to support their employees and just sat in their offices all day. The front desk employees were full of trauma as well. Cons: Everything else."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Lived there....made minimum wage. Elitists in their most purist of forms. Fake and two-faced. Everybody was out to get everybody. Everybody was always trying to stick their nose into other peoples business ie personal life. Hiring process is completely deluded bringing in the same people who you remember from highschool as the biggest tools. Horrible customer service as well. zero stars"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"They never give you full time and they're management teams always took credit for their teams work. It is almost nearly impossible to move up when they keep threatening you about someone getting fired. Cons: Pay"

Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sense this company has gone public. They have maid many sacrifices that damage the company overall. For example, as a sales member you can only scrape by on commissions if you get any at all, and the more you work, the more you have to sell before earning your commissions."

Kids Club Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working for 24 hour fitness is an absolute joke. Don’t waste your time here. Managers have no idea what they’re doing and only like girls who will sleep with them. If you have any self-respect you won’t work here. Cons: Sleazy managers, bad pay"

Service and Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Just look at some of the comments about 24 on Twitter. Now imagine dealing with that in person, on a daily basis. With no support, whatsoever. Corporate "leaders" are already taking vacation, when numerous clubs are struggling to get staffed up. Prioritization and communication from the corporate level are are some of the worst I have ever seen."

Member Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was there for a little over a year and spent the most part trying to leave after 3 months. I received no training until towards my time of leaving even after requesting for it multiple times. I worked in the corporate office as well. Culture is not conducive to job growth or career enhancement within. No privacy as well when I tried to apply internally for a different position. Cons: bad benefits, culture doesn't match what they portray it to be, lack of quality management and leadership at all levels, lack of communication with employees and members"

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Sale, sale, sale. Can your clients resign early? As a while, this company does not care about its members achieving results or giving the tool their employees need to be successful. There is little to no onboarding for new hires. It's a sink or swim culture. The most successful position at 24 is if you are an established personal trainer with a solid client base."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a manager for the company for years in multiple cities I have never worked for a company with less focus and real path. It was likely working for a start up every week an new business model and new plan, with less budget, less staff, and less experienced people. Worst company I’ve ever worked for in my entire adult career. The San Ramon Staff is full of idiots who don’t care about fitness or employees."

Service Representative Lead/Service Representative/Kid's Club Attendants (Former Employee) says

"I was fired from 24 hour fitness while I was on state disability. They called it “job abandonment”, even though I spoke with my manager the day I last worked, and multiple times after that. This company has one goal: make money, at whatever cost it may be. No work life balance at all. Discriminatory towards those with mental health conditions like myself."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The pay was terrible, the push to seel expensive packages to poor people was deplorable, and the comments that I received as a black woman from management were borderline discrimination."

Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company acquired another company and expected people to complete merger within 90 days when most mergers complete in 1 year."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The company is all about sales and not necessarily focusing on the members/clients. It’s a good place to start if you’ve never been a trainer, but don’t expect to be paid as much as they tell you when they hire you. They also just got sued for not compensating their employees for their time."

Personal Trainer (Current Employee) says

"I do not like this job, this company makes you work yourself very hard without giving you the proper compensation and reward for your efforts. This company only looks out for company and not its employees."

Front desk associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers treat you bad and company treats you terribly. No one helps through situations and overall I’d rather work at a dollar store than this place!! Turnover is so high there’s people only working for 2 weeks before finding a new job!!! Cons: Everything."

Service Expert (Current Employee) says

"I have been working at 24 hr fitness for about 2 years now and I'm really disappointed at the location I transferred to. I used to enjoy working here until the hours got cut more than a few per day and they decided to get rid of the janitor so now employess who get paid minimum wage have to take over the janitor duties."

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